Worker's Compensation

Workers’ Compensation:

We provide advice and services to employees injured on the job to secure their workers’ compensation rights and benefits. Kohn Rath Danon & Lynch, LLP has represented numerous employees in obtaining benefits for their injuries on the job, including employees who have been extremely severely injured. For example, in Miller v. IBM, 161 Vt. 213, 637 A.2d 1072 (1993), we made new law and obtained benefits for a very severely injured employee. We have handled a number of cases before the Vermont Department of Labor & Industry, and have handled successful appeals from the decisions of the Vermont Department of Labor & Industry to the Superior Court and to the Vermont Supreme Court.

We work closely with our clients to achieve the largest possible award, including, when possible, total disability benefits for injured claimants. We obtained a structured settlement which may result in one of the largest – indeed, perhaps the largest – payment of workers’ compensation benefits ever awarded in Vermont.

Roger Kohn is a past Chairman of the Vermont Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Committee, and David Lynch and Beth Danon are very experienced lawyers helping injured workers obtain compensation for their on-the-job injuries.

If you are injured in a workplace accident, give us a call — there is never a charge to consider a case.

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