Banking and Representation of Creditors

Banking and Representation of Creditors:

Kohn Rath Danon & Lynch LLP has a very active practice enforcing secured obligations and extensive experience in loan workouts, loan modifications, and liquidation of collateral. We represent secured creditors when customers elect to proceed through the United States Bankruptcy Court, and have been at the leading edge of the development of the law in Vermont governing the relationship of state court remedies and bankruptcy remedies.

We have many years of experience providing advice and legal services to one of Vermont’s largest banks. We provide it with product development services, develop documents to govern its relationships with third parties, provide in-house training seminars, assist in the development of internal policies and procedures for loan origination, credit servicing, and collection, and provide advice and services related to compliance with federal and state banking regulations.

Members of the firm have presented seminars in banking law in continuing education programs for lawyers and for collection professionals, have presented training sessions for the Vermont Superior Court Clerks Association, and have presented training sessions specifically designed for individual clients.

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