Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice:

The lawyers at Kohn Rath Danon & ., are admitted to appellate practice in the Vermont Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the United States Supreme. Our lawyers have briefed and argued appeals in matters ranging from the interpretation of laws applying to personal injury and wrongful death actions, to civil rights claims under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, to due process rights under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, to business contract disputes, to the validity of rights of first refusal and options to purchase for real estate, to the applicability of common law banker’s liens.

Roger E. Kohn developed expertise in the skills necessary for effective appellate advocacy serving as a clerk for The Honorable Bernard J. Leddy, Chief Judge of the United States District for the District of Vermont. David Rath developed appellate expertise serving as a summer law clerk in the office of the Vermont Defender General, researching and writing appellate briefs for the Vermont Supreme Court.

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