Act 250, Zoning & Subdivision of Land (Real Estate Development)

Act 250, Zoning, Subdivisions & Land Use:

Kohn Rath Danon Lynch & Schaf, LLP represents landowners, developers, applicants, intervenors, and opponents in a broad array of land use controversies, including zoning variances, subdivision approvals, conditional use permits, and other proceedings before municipal land use regulatory boards throughout the state. We are regularly involved in:

  • Document preparation, including preparation of deeds, homeowner’s association documents, condominium documents, and development covenants.
  • Representation before boards, including local zoning boards, local planning commissions, local development review boards, and the Vermont Environmental Board.
  • Act 250 proceedings, in which we have represented applicants, developers, intervenors, and opponents. We have succeeded in obtaining Act 250 permits for a number of highly contested projects.
  • Representation before the Vermont Environmental Court, in which we have prevailed in a number of complex and highly contested land use proceedings.
  • Boundary disputes and disputes concerning easements, including litigation resulting from these disputes.

Our lawyers are very involved in planning and development issues in the community. Roger Kohn was a member of the Hinesburg Planning Commission for over 25 years, and has a comprehensive experienced-based understanding of the sometimes confusing local permitting process. David Rath has also been a member of local boards, serving on the Monkton Planning Commission and the Monkton Zoning Board of Adjustment for many years.  Beth Danon was an alternate on the Winooski Board of Adjustment.

Because the lawyers at Kohn Rath Danon Lynch & Scharf have broad backgrounds in all elements of the development and permitting process in Vermont, we can provide services for small and large projects, for individuals and entities, and in routine applications and complex applications. We work with clients through the entire process, from original planning and development of appropriate documentation, through the local and state permitting process, and into any appellate review.

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